The Youth Development Division of The 10:10 Life Corporation.

TenTen Youth


At TenTen Youth, we offer a number of youth programs, which focus on equipping the next generation with life skills that will prepare them for future challenges. Through our varied offerings, youths will gain an understanding of their personality and a high degree of self-awareness early on in life. Our goal is to give them a head start in developing their core strengths and achieving their career dreams and aspirations.

Three things we want all youths to know by heart…

i. To Embrace Change

ii. To Define Opportunities for Self

iii. To Celebrate Life

Conflict Mediation Skills

The Conflict Mediation Workshop is based on the Myer Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument and more importantly, its ability to facilitate conflict mediation in various social settings. The participants will be trained in how their personality type affects their conflict mediation styles and relationships with others.

Time Management

This course will reveal the secrets to better productivity and equip students with the skillsets to manage their time effectively. They will be shown practical steps on how they will be able to both work hard and play hard. This will include goal setting and creating an examinations revision plan.

Life Compass

The Life Compass program is a personal mastery and career guidance workshop designed to guide students through a journey of self-discovery. Participants will go through the process of understanding their MBTI® personality and identifying their life goals and aspirations. Based on an in-house designed life compass model, the participants will emerge with both a clearer understanding of their purpose and direction in life and an action plan for career development.

MBTI® Type & Teaching (For Teachers)

The MBTI® Teachers Equipping Workshop is a half day workshop. Participants will be educated on the instrument and how its theories can be applied. After the program, teachers will have an understanding of the MBTI® concepts and principles which will enable them to integrate the MBTI® concepts into their coaching styles and be able to manage and mentor students based on their personalities and learning styles.