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– Corporate Training Division.

It was a nice reminder this weekend.

Was just reflecting after I sent a series of messages / emails / instructions to staff AFTER Friday 6pm. After which, I had to consciously explain / remind a few of them that they didn’t need to work till Monday. I just personally enjoyed working any time, any day, any way.

No difference between weekdays and weekends for me. (Don’t worry, I still have Sabbath.) It all feels the same. I seldom stop thinking about work…

Questioned myself again.

Excellence vs Strife
Passion vs Obsession

It’s a Fine Balance.

Haha FORTUNATELY the conclusion was, I just love my work. 1010 has consumed my life. Not in a bad way, but in the most wonderful way. I really do LOVE what I do!

I live and breathe 1010 because I know and I know and I know… That’s what I’m called to do!

I may not like all of it (esp not accounts and admin) but I find so much purpose and fulfillment when I look up and am reminded of the hope filled vision at the end of the tunnel.

So I guess, when we finally find the purpose and passion in our lives, that’s truly…
Where we find meaning…



What’s Yours??? ?

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