1 Kings 17:7-16
Elijah & The Widow at Zarephath

It’s tough being caught between the rock and a hard place. I turn left and I see monsters. I turn right and I see reflections of my own fearful heart. Even if I wanted to run, I still know that I’m right where God wants me to be.

It’s a Test of Faith.
A Waiting Game.

It’s like a waiting game to see if I’m gonna be the first to buckle under pressure – either me, or the obstacles surrounding me.

But again I’m reminded with this passage, that even when the brook dries up, sometimes, or maybe most times, it’s God’s way of nudging us into another direction.

When the brook dries up, I have to actively remind myself it’s because God has something greater in store.

After all, it’s not called Faith anymore if it’s too easy to believe.

So I’m reminding myself once more.
If God said He will provide,
He WILL Provide.

Be Still My Soul,
Be Still.

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