Build Your House on the Rock
Luke 6:46-49

46 “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you? 47 Everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them, I will show you what he is like: 48 he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built. 49 But the one who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it, immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.”

Building. Laying Foundations.
No one sees the foundational work.
The bigger the project, the longer the time it takes to build foundations.

5 Years of Prayer,
5 Months of Preparations.

To finally see the first glimpse of what I was fighting for – A Generation of Warriors Completely Abandoned to the Father.

4 days of camp came and went in a flash. It was an awesome time of transformation, renewal and encounter.

But now it begs the question,
Where do we go from here?

After all the hype and emotional excitement dies down, does the vision still remain? Are we still gonna fight for something we cannot see? Do we remember why we started in the first place?

December. A necessary break. A time of testing. A time to allow us to return to our ‘normal’ lives. Where the everyday pressures and routines come back into our lives and… we settle in.

Even so, I too, found myself asking, “What am I Fighting for? Was it just a Dream? Am I gonna wake up one day and walk away?” – I pray not.

– – –

Fighting for something unseen,
Building something unseen,
It takes Faith.

Faith – That’s all I have.
The paradox.
It costs nothing.
Yet it costs me everything.

Faith – It has…
Taught me to count.
Taught me to wait.
Taught me to see things unseen.
Taught me, my life.

So now, I’m waiting for my team.

A Team who will stop in their tracks.
A Team who will hear His gentle voice.
A Team who will feel the longing.
A Team who will come together.
A Team, Ready, to lay down their lives.


Are you ready?

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