We chat with our Founder and Managing Director, Michelle Leong, to find out more about the 1010Life story and why she built this company.


tenten Mich-19 Before the conversation even began, Michelle exclaimed, “I love talking!” in her loud and distinct voice before bursting out in laughter. Indeed, it is rare to go through a day in the office without hearing or feeling her energy. Even our clients and participants agree that her passion and enthusiasm are unforgettable.


One of the main services 1010Life offers is training, but why training? How did you enter into this profession?

Ever since I was young, I have always enjoyed story telling and sharing life lessons. I love listening to others and helping friends process their thoughts. I was in college when I stumbled into the training scene, and it was love at first sight! I discovered how meaningful it was to be able to inspire lives.


Why is “inspiring lives” so important to you?

I also used to get bullied all the time as a kid. I always thought I was stupid or not valuable enough. I only discovered I had severe dyslexia in college, but by that time, my studies and my ability to communicate, as well as my self-esteem had already been greatly affected.

Nevertheless, it was because of mentors who came along the way and saw the potential in me, that I started to grow in confidence and skills. I made a personal promise to be that catalyst for others too. My motivation is to impact others the same way my mentors have impacted me.


How did you coin the name 1010Life? Why the number 10?

10 is a number that represents fullness and abundance. So I believe 1010Life is about being even more complete. To inspire others to build a complete life. The 1010 Life is the Abundant Life.


This company began in Singapore in 2013, but shifted base operations to Iloilo, the Philippines, in 2015. What sparked this move?

I first came to Iloilo in 2014 to run community level leadership programs. Following that trip, I made multiple trips to Iloilo in 2015, and in the span of 6 months, I witnessed how fast Iloilo was developing and how the city was at the brink of change.

Looking out from my window at Diversion 21, I saw so much potential, but I also saw that there were many needs. I saw that there was a desire for change, but not many knew how. I felt that I wanted contribute and I wanted to be part of the development process, hence, I brought 1010Life here.


At 1010Life, we are a one-stop agency for all training and business needs, but how would you tell others what we offer? What sets us apart from other training companies?

We offer all our clients “a life-changing experience you will not regret”.

Our flagship service is the teambuilding program seeks to tear down these walls and clear up communication channels. We want to help every team member find their place in the company, build a safe environment for them to be honest, and teach them to trust each other.

Our teambuilding program also emphasizes the alignment of goals within the organization. Most people will have an impression that teambuilding activities are about fun and bonding. But here at 1010Life, we believe that teambuilding should be a mentally, emotionally and physically challenging process. We facilitate teams to confront issues that have been swept under the carpet and are inadvertently hindering work synergy.


What can participants expect at the teambuilding program?

You can expect 1010Life to function like a tough coach who pushes the team beyond their self-perceived limits, as well as a facilitator who guides, encourages and stabilizes you. We have promised participants that in the heat of training, they may not like us, but at the end of it, they will love us! And we have never broken our promise.


There is no denying that there is a lot of passion in what 1010Life hopes to do for others, but what exactly is at the heart of this company?

The heart of 1010Life is encapsulated in our vision: Inspiring Lives, Transforming Communities.

The journey begins from the individual. We champion self discovery. We believe that we have to know ourselves first, and know what motivates us so that we can grow as an individual.

We believe in building effective relationships. It is not just about having friends in the office, but having productive relationships that come out from a place of genuine understanding and deep trust.

Most importantly, we want to inspire transformation. We strongly believe that every individual must see that they have a purpose beyond themselves and then give back to the community.


One thing I absolutely love about 1010Life is how closely-knit office team is and how well everyone works together, what are your hopes for them?

My desire is that my staff will become like a team of commandos. A team of individuals, strong and confident in their own right, but together, an unstoppable force. A team that walks the talk, and leads by example. A team that counts the cost, but sacrifices anyway. A team that seeks a vision beyond themselves, a team that lives to change the world.

Apart from training and teambuilding, Michelle is also talented in branding and entrepreneurship. She actively seeks out opportunities to gather women in leadership and believes in empowering more females to rise up in the corporate world.


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