Yesterday evening, over a cup of tea and Christmas chatter, it suddenly dawned on me that yesterday marked exactly the first year anniversary since the day I first set foot in Iloilo.

Dec 5, 2014, I boarded the plane, not even knowing where on the map I was flying to.

One year ago, I came with a barely surviving hope in my heart that maybe somehow answering the call would awaken my spirit again. I came for no other reason than knowing that God had led me there and there was no turning back.

Amidst all my fears, I remember God asking “Do you trust me enough to protect your heart?”

I fought. I struggled, but I had to relent.

Who can say no to father God?

But the journey wasn’t easy. It has come at such a cost. I constantly woke up to tears stained pillows and mental battles and at times mockery from well meaning but unedifying commentators.

I left behind the comforts of home to integrate into a completely new society. Learning new cultures and ways of life.

BUT NOW, with the end of the camp and the launch of ‪#‎ProjectActivate, I have no regrets.

No looking back.

Only a vision to look forward to.

And I thank God for that.


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