In recent weeks, many conversations have come up about hearing the voice of God and living in the supernatural.

Some friends say that it takes time for them to tune in. They need time to prepare their hearts. Some say that they aren’t even sure when they have heard that still small voice. Others say that living in the supernatural is such a far fetched ideal, best reserved for high grade preachers and evangelist.

For most of them I shared what my pastor once told me. Living in the supernatural is as easy as it feeling SUPER NATURAL. As if it’s the most natural thing on earth. Well then… How do we break that down into relatable information.

I guess it’s about practicing the presence of God. Always being so aware of him that it’s not just when we want to “tune in”. It’s a always and forever thing. To always be so conscious of his presence in our everyday lives.

It’s like conditioning exercises. We need to condition our bodies to new routines or environments and over time your body gets used to it and maybe even feel effortless / natural.

So all that to say, living in the supernatural ain’t hard. We just need to always desire to walk in his presence. And then the supernatural becomes natural to us.

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. – John 15:4

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