Was eavesdropping on a conversation at CBTL earlier. A guy was giving ‘life advise’ to a friend on how to find meaning n purpose in life. Framed in the context of me also facilitating the vision and missions for others… It got me thinking… When did I first receive my mandate.

I realized it was back in Sec 3. At 15, I received my commission to train and equip the body and to use Singapore as my training base to send people to the nations. And that stuck with me.

Through twists and turns, hits and misses, after 12 years, I’m finally starting to see the actualization of that mandate.

This is what I concluded.


It framed my entire focus for a decade. No matter how many invites I got to go on mission trips, I consistently told them, my missions base was Singapore. I was not called to go, but to equip locally.

I no longer compared myself with others who seemed more spiritual because they went on more missions than me.

At the end of the day, I made sure that all the information that I learnt or absorbed were relevant. My readings were carefully selected. My attendance at conferences were dependent on how much it would equip me. I intentionally found ways to feed myself to grow into the calling.

Ideally we can all receive our mandates just like that. But most of the time, God takes us on that journey of discovery. It just takes patience and perseverance to push through.

My encouragement –
Stay Humble. Stay Teachable.
Find ways and means to discover your call. Till then, be faithful in the little things. It counts. God is always teaching us something.

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