In principle, we always need to have an exit strategy. I learnt that not everything gets solved through hopes of miracles through prayer. Some things are pure wisdom. Some things are planned because we need to assume two things.

One, The Imperfection of Man – Until the blood stops coursing through our veins, we are not fail proof. It may not even be good vs evil. It could just be simply misalignments / misunderstandings. But the impact still hits the same way.

Two , Unpredictable Environments. – Can’t play the blame game there. Sometimes, things just happen and we have no control over it. No amount of professional insurance can even fully indemnify us. There will always be something no body saw coming.

If you survived through any of my boot camps, there will be one thing you’ll have to learn by heart.

Control the Controllables.
Plan the Contingency.

Fail to Plan,
Plan To Fail.

The Choice is Yours.

BUT, Here’s the Paradox…

If I always know at the back of my mind there’s a back up plan, I may never truly give my best. I may think i’m giving everything, but subconsciously there will always be a limit.

Just watch all the action movies. The characters may fumble all over initially, but once it’s life or death, they just have to get their act together and do whatever it takes. Why? There’s only one option – Survival.

So point is, I do my due diligence and plan my contingencies. Yet, I have to work like there is none.

Cause The Truth is…
There are No More Back Up Plans.

It’s now or never.
I just gotta do what I gotta do.

Dear Lord,

May Your grace be upon me. I pray for wisdom beyond my years and supernatural strength from the inside. Guide me and cover me. Let Your face shine upon me.

Let my Life be…
Your Story,
Your Glory.

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