Our Story

1010 began its journey in 2013 as a Management Training and Development company. Founded by our Managing Director, Michelle Leong, her dream was to transform the way people related to one another at the workplace and to invest into training up the next generation of leaders.


What began as a training company, has since evolved into a multi-faceted consultancy offering both trainings, consultancy and business solutions.


Our final goal will be to eventually set up a Business Incubator and Academy for like-minded Social Entrepreneurs, so that with one step at a time, we can make the world a better place to live in.

Why 1010?

10 is a number that represents fullness and abundance; the complete whole. Here at 1010, we constantly strive to epitomize what the number ten symbolizes. We want to help individuals live a well-rounded, all-encompassing life – The Abundant Life.

Inspiring Lives, Transforming Communities

Our goal is to inspire vibrant, passionate and purposeful lives which, when intertwined, become catalysts for transforming communities.

Our Mission

To Champion Self-Discovery

To Build Effective Relationships

To Inspire Transformation

Values We Live By

Embrace Individuality

Celebrate Diversity

Serve Passionately