Nest : – a structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young.

Who in the right mind would fly to Korea and only for a day? Sigh.

But I know God has his plans. And I know staying in this hotel was significant. And I know and I know that I was not here by accident.

It’s been an interesting reminder that deep in my heart I can feel God birthing something in me and it’s still undergoing gestation and incubation.

Before a baby is born, no one really knows how exactly a baby will look like. All we know is that the baby will be made in the image of Christ, and I certainly pray this growing vision will be so too.

Dear Lord, I have no idea what this next season will cost me, but I choose to trust and I choose to walk no matter what. Protect us from harm the way a mother hen protects her offspring. Feed us, clothe us, nourish us. Make it all worthwhile.

Dear Self,

Get ready,
For soon…
Very soon…

It will be time to Fly.

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