In recent weeks I have been exposed to so many new aspects of business and it has stretched my mind in ways I never thought possible. In my SMU days, my brain was seldom (if ever), “wasted” on calculating differentials or statistics or marginal change values. And now, I find myself becoming used to doing such crazy mental calculations in my head – all thanks to mentors and advisors who have trained me well.

Teachability –
The big word that we like to throw around when recruiting.

Teachability –
The qualifying statement that we use to project the potential success of an individual.

Teachability –
The defining word for growth.

Yet, I have come to recognise that learning is really a two way street. You can’t just be teachable. You NEED great teachers. There’s only so much that google can teach you.

Teaching come in all forms. Teachers, Trainers, Mentors, Advisors, Guides, – the list is endless. They all impart in different ways.

But, the one thing that have in common is that they offer an important four letter word – TIME. Time is something that you can’t buy with money. You can’t really buy time. Sure you can “pay” someone for their time. But personally, I think it’s paying more for the content than than time.

Time is something given, something invested.
Time is what makes a good teacher, great.
Even when I have nothing else to give, because of those who have impacted my life, I too will give my Time.

Time to Serve,
Time to Touch Lives,
Time to Teach.

Like what i began with, Learning is a not just a choice. Learning must also present itself as a opportunity or a gift.

So it’s not just the Teachables that we need.
We need Teaching Teachers.

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