This week, we finally get down to interviewing Jay Anne – the hidden gem of 1010Life! You would never have guessed that apart from being a skilful back-end developer, she has a ton of other tricks up her sleeve. Read on as we take stock of her 1010Life journey and see how she has grown.

What is it like working in 1010Life? What do you think makes 1010Life different from other companies?

It’s actually hard to think of 1010Life as a mere company. Because in 1010Life, you’re not an employee, but a team member. Everyone works as a team towards a common vision. We each have our own roles, but collaboration is essential to get the job done. I feel that such a company culture also enables to team to become more passionate about each project, and gives individuals more ownership over their work.

I would say 1010Life feels like a haven and a really risky place at the same time. It is an environment where I was forced to stop being complacent with my life and was pushed beyond my boundaries, out of my comfort zone. I appreciate that I am not limited by my job scope, and I’m constantly given opportunities to discover parts of myself that I have not explored before.


What has been your most memorable moment to date?

I think my most memorable moment for me has to be the first office teambuilding I had. I never had such an unique teambuilding before and I completely did not know what to expect. I had not been exposed to such physically intense training, and it was tough! There was one particular activity which we failed very badly and ended up storming as a team. Everyone became very emotional but it was only then did I understand the importance of being self-aware in order to be able to contribute effectively to the team and allow others to cover for my weaknesses. Looking back, I still treasure the experience I had as the teambuilding helped me come to new realizations about myself. It was also in the fire that I truly began to understand the purpose of 1010Life in Iloilo and the power of its vision.


How has 1010Life helped you to grow as a leader?

Right now, I don’t know if I have all the skills to be a good leader yet, but through 1010Life, I now know how an ideal leader looks like: One who is passionate. One who can transform the lives of her team members. One who strongly believes in and champions the team’s vision and values. One who can influence people, not to manipulate but to make their lives better. One who can turn both the strengths and weaknesses of each member into an advantage for the team.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to be the supervisor for our latest batch of OJTs. I realized that being a leader is hard. Effort must first be put in to know your team members so that you can make an informed choices, especially when assigning tasks. Also, I’ve learned that as much as you’re responsible for the team, you’re not supposed to do everything alone. What’s more important is to delegate tasks effectively and have a proper communication among the team members. This hands-on experience has given me a platform to reflect on my current leadership skills, and I look forward to more and more leadership opportunities in the future!


Has your perspective on leadership changed? If yes, how?

Honestly, I didn’t care about leadership in the past. 1010Life opened my eyes to how leadership can have a great impact on society, and how it can be the success or the downfall of it. Leadership is always a hot topic in the office, and it is liberating to see, hear and discuss how so many issues, be it in a family, a relationship, an organization or a society, are somehow always related to leadership. This is essentially because good leadership always starts with effective personal leadership. This means knowing and accepting your identity, strengths and weaknesses first before being able to truly impact and lead others.


How has 1010Life helped you in your self-development and finding your passion?

“Champion Self-Discovery” is a part of 1010Life’s mission. This phrase caught my attention when I visited the website for the first time. It then dawned on me that this could be a chance to learn about myself and in doing so, learn how I can better find satisfaction and fulfilment in life. And yes, I was right! It was difficult to adjust to the company culture at first, but in the past few months, I have seen and felt the transformation. I’ve been doing things I have not done before, but I am surprisingly enjoying them and getting better at it as I go. I have also realized that surrounding myself with people who have more experience than me inspires me to widen my skills and expertise, and I now have an increasing thirst for knowledge. In the process, I have also discovered areas of interest that I never knew existed before. Everyday in 1010Life brings new surprises, and sometimes I wonder if I’ll be able to constantly keep up with this constantly changing environment, but I have grown to realize that beyond the stress, it is meaningful work, and I’m happy to be a part of this!

Jay Anne is our go to when we need honest opinions or straightforward insights (read: #missnofilter). She inspires us to be faithful in the little things and to embrace new challenges with passion and excitement!


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