TenTen 101

The Corporate Training Consultancy Division of The 10:10 Life Corporation.



Designed to be like the foundational courses offered at universities, with TenTen 101, you never stop learning for life! Most 101 courses are designed based on psychological research, field experience and simple applicable concepts.

Our Mission is in equipping others to…

i. Embrace Individuality

ii. Celebrate Diversity

iii. Inspire Transformation

Team Leadership

Understanding and managing your team is key to establishing team leadership. Through the course of this MBTI® based, two-part training, you will learn the key principles of creating team motivation, understanding and managing group dynamics, and identifying different strengths to capitalize on within the team.

Teambuilding Basics

This course is designed for project teams that require working together under high-pressured environments. The training will simulate real life scenarios through outdoor activities. Through the program, participants will learn to understand each other better, and build communication systems and trust within the team.

Communication 101

A good proportion of office time is usually consumed just trying to explain or understand rationales and to clear misunderstandings within co-workers. Through the use of MBTI® Theory, help your team communicate and resolve conflict efficiently and in turn build effective relationships within the team.

Strategic HR Management

Most organizations have a strategic plan that enables them to accomplish their goals. HR has been traditionally viewed as merely transactional, with very limited input in driving the success of the organization. The need to integrate human resource management strategies and systems to achieve overall company mission, goal and strategy has intensified than ever before.  This 2- day seminar would enable you to assess your current HR structure and transition to a more strategic role.

The Entrepreneurship Program (For Individuals)

The entrepreneurship program is one-on-one coaching program designed to coach individuals looking to start up a business. The coach will guide the mentee in brand positioning, business and legalities fundamentals, financial management and goal setting. Our goal is to help individuals start off well and create a business with true potential for scalability.