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The Branding Consultancy Division of The 10:10 Life Corporation

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Every one knows that first impressions have the power to influence the nature of the relationship formed between the communicator and the audience. 1010 Image hopes to partner with you to equip you and your team with the ability to communicate your brand message succinctly, effectively and with confidence.

Our Mission is…

i. To Inspire Creativity

ii. To Transform the Conventional

iii. To Make an Impact

Brand Strategy

Effective branding is about having your clients and stakeholders passionately communicate the message, which you are trying to send out, on your behalf. Key elements include identifying and analyzing the target market, establishing the right market presence and demonstrating consistency in the public image. Strategic branding is about creating a ready market for the company.

Advertising 101

Advertising strategies provide the necessary support for an effective sales team. Key elements include creating mood boards, designing the look and feel, communicating in creative ways, and most importantly, having a call-to-action that will directly translate interests to sales leads.

The Art of Selling

When trying to decide the needs and wants of an individual, sales personnel often make assumptions on what they deem best for the client.  With the understanding of MBTI® Type Theory, sales personnel can better identify the type-related needs of clients, and provide a more holistic and customer centric sales strategy.

Speaking the Client’s Language

Failure to appear empathetic to clients can result in a lost sales opportunity or what patrons may deem as “bad customer service”. With the understanding of MBTI® Type Theory, customer service personnel will be trained to hear, predict and serve the customers’ needs and ultimately to maintain long-term customer loyalty.

The Revelation Program (For Individuals)

The revelation program is an adaptation of the usual personal mastery workshops. At this course, we aim to help you reveal your true identity through the lenses of MBTI® personality typing program. We will coach you to understand how to present yourself in the way that exudes confidence and sends the exact message you hope to communicate to your potential employers or co-workers.