Random thoughts while waiting at the airport.

1) One Heart. Two Places.
When I’m there I miss home. But when I’m back, I miss my other home too. I feel the pull both ways.

2) Delays Feel Normal
Flight delay again? Oh wells. Not flustered. Gotten used to it.

3) Time – A Rare Commodity
With each trip, I have to budget more and more of my time between family, friends, work, errands and rest.

4) Friends.
I’m really sorry for not meeting most of you. I really do feel bad for not being able to make time for everyone. My time has gotten spliced quite thinly. And I really do appreciate those of you who take the extra effort to reach out to me even when I’m away. Hopefully, someday, my schedule will find a way to work itself out.

5) Journeying Together
More than anything else, I’m grateful for those who are joining me this Dec. Thanks for taking that step of faith. Your commitment is so much more than a mission trip. It’s your reminder to me that there’s really something worth fighting for and that I’m not alone.

6) Raw Words
The truth is that this was never meant to be an easy journey. Friends see this as exciting. Family sees this as a high risk. For me, I see the roller coaster. I love what I’m doing, but there are still days when I honestly struggle. But I guess God’s way is still the best way and I choose to trust that I’m walking in the right direction.

Abba Father,
I Choose Faith.
I Choose You.

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